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I’m glad to have this spot in WeHo for a quick fix before shooting at Bao Dim Sum House.
a Good Morning with a refreshing bowl of açaí, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, coconut, goji berries, and honey drizzle at Liquid Juice Bar.
Salmon sushi topped with Yuzu lemon jelly & sea salt. Ridiculous. 😋 at Wa Sushi.
Tuna Carpaccio at Wa
with truffles, green onions, 
and peppercorns. Amazing as Always! Wa Sushi in West Hollywood.
Was in the hood again and couldn’t resist:
Mandarin Kalamansi Sorbet
Strawberry Shortcake
Rice Crispy Treats 
Topped with Caramelized rice crispy treats! QUENELLE in Burbank.
Ice Cream & Sorbet
flavors of the day at QUENELLE on Magnolia in Burbank.
for the day at QUENELLE on Magnolia in Burbank.
with pineapple, hazelnut, & semifreddo.

#bacomercat #foodie #accordingtokim #FoodieAndFatty (at Bäco Mercat)
Sugar Snap & Pear Salad 
with grapefruit, burrata, dill, & walnut.

#burrata #accordingtokim #foodie #FoodieAndFatty
"The Salty Jowl"
Guanciale, tomato, Taleggio, & a fried egg😊

#bacomercat #foodie #guanciale #accordingtokim #FoodieAndFatty  (at Bäco Mercat)
Spicy scallops with salmon brown rice rolls at Iroha in Sherman Oaks.
Spicy Tuna over crispy brown rice cakes at Iroha in Sherman Oaks.
Crumpet with Honeycomb and Clotted Cream at The Pikey.
Chocolate Pot with Whiskey Cream at The Pikey.
Sticky Toffee over Date Bread Pudding….yum! The Pikey, West Hollywood.